Jul 172013

MourinhoSo, if you’ve started to play around with your opening squad for gameweek 1 you have probably quickly realised how difficult it is to produce a decent team within the confines of a £100m budget. For seasoned campaigners who have been playing this game for a while, this will not come as a surprise. At the start of every season the FPL simply do what they have to do, which is to make the previous season’s star players expensive to buy at the start of the next season. I guess if they didn’t we would all simply roll out identical opening teams this year jam packed with the likes of Bale, Mata, Cazorla, Walcott, RVP, Benteke etc. Now where would the fun be in that?!

So with popular players burning a large hole in our £100m fantasy budget, what do we do to ensure we still roll out a decent team for Gameweek 1? It simply isn’t an option to have a team full of stars, so compromises need to be made somewhere.

We Want Your Views…

We would like to gather the views of the Fantasy Football Cheat Community on this crucial topic of ‘how to select a decent team for GW1’. One of the major powers of this site is all you experienced fantasy managers that frequent our message boards on a daily basis. So let’s tap into that knowledge and see what ideas and thoughts you can provide on the subject.

We would love to hear your views on how you go about selecting a team for GW1. Whilst you don’t need to limit yourself to the following topics, here are a few discussion points you may want to consider:

  • Which players are ‘must haves’ irrespective of price?
  • Where to spend most of the £100m budget – i.e. defenders, midfielders or forwards?
  • Should you avoid players from promoted teams?
  • Should you save cash by having 1 or 2 really cheap players that are unlikely to start for their respective clubs?
  • How much notice should you take of the pre-season results and performances?
  • Is it worth looking ahead at the future fixtures beyond GW1?
  • Are there any other important considerations fantasy managers should consider?

Join The Debate…

Please provide your views on the message boards below this article. Clearly you’re completely free to chat on the message boards about other topics too, but it would be superb if those that have a view on ‘how to select a decent team for GW1’ would be willing to share it.

For those that are looking for ideas we suggest that you take a look at the message boards below this article and have a read of the views and ideas offered. We suspect there will be some interesting ideas that will emerge from the conversations that take place.

If you are new to the site, or have previously ‘read but not participated’ in the message board chat, well maybe this is the time to open up a free Fantasy Football Cheat account and join in the debate yourself. It takes about 30 seconds to set up an account. Simple instructions on how to do it can be found here.

Remember, no one has to act on the advice given, it is all just about sharing thoughts, opinions and ideas…

  1,618 Responses to “Gameweek 1 – Selecting An Opening Team”

  1. GK: Mignolet (Boruc)
    DEF: Collins, Clyne, Coleman, turner, mertelsacker
    MID:Snodgrass, Bale , Hazard, Countiho, lucas,
    STR: RVP, Jones, ANICHEBe

    who to start? who to bench? any changes.. thoughts please :)

  2. Anybody think Kaboul is a great buy for 5m?? Will he start from the beginning?

  3. Pls!!! rate my team n comments are very welcomed:

    Mignolet (Mannone)

    (Baker) Shawcross Mertesacker Johnson (Turner)

    Walcot Fernandinho (or coutinho) Kagawa Hazard Snodgrass

    (ASpas) Lukaku Lambert

  4. Hi guys,

    This is my first comment here. Looking for a bit advice on my team. What d’you all think?

    Begovic; Mannone

    Baines; Kolarov (Garrido); Mertesacker

    Koren, Mirallas, Hazard, Gerrard, Coutinho

    Sturridge; Negredo (Parr)

    Any tips mate?


    • Defence too expensive, Kolarov not nailed.
      Gerrard is playing deeper, will not score well this season and you already have pool coverage in Coutinho.
      Sturridge may not be up to match fitness for GW1, consider someone else.

  5. Any advice for me…


    Zabaleta Mertersacker Shawcross

    Coutinho Bale Hazard Walcott Whittingham

    Lukaku Aspas

    bench: Davis – Baker – McNaughton – Moore

  6. First time posting in the forum wouldn’t mind a bit of feedback good or bad


    Marshall – Speroni
    Coleman, Nastasic, Turner – Parr, Chester
    Bale, Corzola, Koren, Boateng – O’Sullivan
    RVP, Anelka, Bent

    I think will be good if he goes to Newcastle but is looking more and more unlikely so could potentially drop but for who?


  7. i m little confused…
    to go for walcott or coutinho.???

  8. Trying to pick 2 from the 4;
    Sissoko or Noble
    Snodgrass or Zaha
    Also Walcott injury doubt for opening game, this will change alot of your teams.

  9. Hello, first time posting here but 3rd season with a team. First year went down in flames, last year was average after a sluggish start. This year I have been seeking out advice so here goes….a penny for your thoughts on my team. It has been tweaked alot since I started.

    Mignolet (Boruc)
    Ivanovic(VC), Shawcross, Mertesacker (Baker, McShane)
    Johnson, Walcott, Snodgrass, Hazard(C), Nolan
    RVP, Lukaku (Naismith)

    0 in the bank

    • Hello mate – my first time using this site as well, this year, so don’t call me an expert please! I had a good year last year though, and hope to smash it this time round. For what it’s worth, here’s a couple of thoughts on your team:

      Good keepers, nothing you need to change there, although maybe Mannone is a good option in place of Mignolet to save you 0.5 million.

      What about swapping Mertsacker for Koscielny? Same price and I personally think that Kos offers more. Also drop Ivanovich for someone cheaper after the double game week. Get you more cash for upfront. Defo get rid of Shawcross for someone cheaper. (Coleman, Turner, Toure?). Overall I reckon your defense is too expensive.

      If you get the overall price of your defense down you can possibly bring in better options in your midfield and upfront than Johnson, Nolan and Naismith.

      Hope that helps mate and feel free to ignore my advise too. Like I said, I’m not as expert as some on here. Cheers.

      • Hi Guys!! Can someone rate my team? I need some good advice.

        Cech (Boruc)

        Coleman, Zabaleta, Collins (Brayford, Ward)

        Walcott, Hazard, Mirallas, Coutinho (Kim)

        Lukaku, Dzeko, Soldado.