Sep 272012

The Suspension Report for gameweek 6 provides up to date information on players suspended for the current gameweek, and players who are close to receiving a suspension. We highly recommend fantasy managers cast their eye down the suspension lists before confirming transfers.

Suspended Players

Nathan Dyer managed just 12 minutes on the pitch at the weekend after coming on as a second half substitute in Swansea’s 3-0 home defeat at the hands of Everton. Two yellows in quick succession meant Dyer’s match came to a premature end as the in-form Swansea midfielder was sent off for a second bookable offence. Whilst Dyer received an automatic one match suspension as a result, the great news for the 24.6% of fantasy managers that own him is that he has already served his suspension during Swansea’s midweek Capital One Cup game with Crawley. With the suspension already served, it means Nathan is available to play in gameweek 6.

The other red card of the weekend was awarded to Jonjo Shelvey of Liverpool who received his marching orders in the 39th minute of his sides home game against Man United. Most of us were left wondering what was more wreck-less, either Shelvey’s challenge on Jonny Evans or the tirade of abuse he directed towards Sir Alex on his way down the tunnel! Jonjo will now miss two Premier League games against Norwich in gameweek 6 and Stoke in gameweek 7.

We finish with Lee Cattermole, who received an early bath In Sunderland’s midweek Capital One Cup encounter with MK Dons. Cattermole was sent off in the first half and will now miss the next three gameweeks for the Black Cats.

The following players will therefore be serving a suspension for the following gameweeks.

The Suspension Watchlist

The yellow card count after just 5 gameweeks is now really totting up. At this stage of the season, a player who accumulates 5 yellow cards before 31st December (more than 3 full months away) will receive an automatic one match suspension.

After only five gameweeks the following players are now leading the pack in the yellow card count.

Returning From Suspension

The following players have completed their suspensions and are free to play in gameweek 6.

The Value of ‘The Suspension Report’

Up to date suspension information is a hugely valuable tool for fantasy managers, and we strongly encourage everyone to review this section on a weekly basis. It may very well save you from making a horrendous transfer or team selection mistake!

If you want a concise overview of how the suspension system works in the Premier League, then please read our Guide to Suspensions in Fantasy Football which will help make sense of what is undoubtedly a confusing system.


This article was written by Mutley

  29 Responses to “Gameweek 6 – The Suspension Report”

  1. Thx, Mutley. I think you need a permanent berth for Cattermole in your report, Fellaini with 3 yellows, mmm. Maybe FFC could run a poll (or a book) on your watchlist, which one gets banned 1st? My money’s on the Liverpool cormorant!

    • SZ – you may not get an instant reply from Mutley – he was out on the sauce last night!!

      I think I better ask him to check the above data this morning now that he is able to see straight again! ;-)

      • Drinking on a school night??

      • FFC, nah his report looks right, as always.
        kop, If Claire backs Ciaran, then of course you’re right. Otherwise it’s Saurez, even the refs hate him :-)

        • It’s just a pity when Valencia takes a dive he gets a penalty!! ;)

          • yeah, that was a softie I agree. The red was valid though, imo. Just because $tevie G gets away with them , doesn’t mean Jonjo can. yahoo have a video saying Halsey got both right. I’ll take it, but mmm, you know. I think we can all breathe a sigh that there weren’t any violent scenarios between the fans. A few dickheads at the end is nowt really.

          • I’ve only seen 1 or 2 replays of the red so I wont comment.

            Did you hear that police clashed with a number of Everton fans after the Leeds game? Apparently the cops weren’t happy with the fans chanting about the police being murderers!!

          • What a world we live in, the bobbies today at a footie match, were probably in nappies 23 years ago!
            Maybe they should be shown the live feed of the Sergeant/WPC giving CPR to a teenage boy, at Hillboro’. 17/18yrs old. After a couple of minutes, the WPC stopped the bloke & tried to pull him back towards the stands but he couldn’t move, traumatised, so she left her Sergeant & went back herself.
            Or what about the cop at Bradford, pulled a couple of people out of the burning stand and his hair went up in flames, he went off running across the pitch with his head on fire until he got flattened by a couple of fans who used their bare hands to put out the flames, one of those lads spent 3 months in hospital for his skin grafts.
            Football’s a game, and those administrators that let us down, should be punished in due course, by due means. Starting something anew, if it’s true about the Everton fans, has nothing to do with what happened before. They should all be locked up too!
            Rant over.

          • I accept that some cops did their jobs at Hillsborough but the vast majority just stood by and did nothing. It might be 23 years later but the Everton fans were in Yorkshire West Yorkshire and those chants were hardly surprising given the recent report.

          • Jeeze Kop, you need to see some of the original footage. The fans were caged in, the cops couldn’t get to them, they had no keys. You’re mixing the officers with the infantry my friend.
            “Hardly surprising” that’s just naive and crass, and I think that insults the memories of those that died & their families that fought so hard for the truth. That is exactly the attitude that fostered the situation all those years ago that led to cages & therefore led to contributing factors for that disaster.

            I really hope that those who orchestrated that cover up get sent down, 23 years each would be about right, and 23 years for those that awarderd the tie to Sheff Wed, and 23 years for those that accepted the tie at Sheff Wed etc etc. And 23 years for the Utd fans that sing about it, and 54 years for those that sing about Munich too. I also hope that those that condone/accept/tolerate it go down too. But none of it will happen, will it. Oh what a wonderful world!

          • SZ – I watched it live on tv as a 9 year old and have seen plenty of footage in the past 23 years. I’m not going to get into an argument with you or anyone else online about Hillsborough because arguing will not bring back the 96.

    • I’ll go for Ciaran Clark to come up on the rails!!

  2. Kop,

    If you’re still on-line, just apologising for not replying to your post yesterday morning after I messaged you specifically. Sorry, work just took over yesterday.

    Incidentally, we support opposite sides of the park!

  3. Cheers Kop and Amen to that! I reciprocate your kind remarks.

    The youngsters played very well for you last night which must be heartening and nice that the fans were chanting Brendan’s name. He came across very well in the programme last Friday. Seems like a decent bloke and in life, we like decent people to do well………don’t remind me of this on the 28th next, however!!

  4. Who is going for Baines as captain this GW?

  5. me!!! arsenal had firing attack on left side that gibbs scored including the own goal!looks like southampton very weak at left side.this week baines will score most point for sure!!!

  6. Certainly thinking about it, although I don’t like a defender as capt. Currently Fellaini as capt and Pienaar as Vice

  7. Forca, Brave and bold, which you need to be in this league sometimes, so it could pay dividends. That said, I’m less bold and am thinking of giving the armband to Fellaini.

    We’re pretty solid at the back but I just wonder if Lambert may sneak one past us…….I hope for both our sakes he doesn’t.

  8. Inertia, well played on Tuesday and what a cracking goal the first one was. We were shocking but you played very well. I don’t like Diouf though mate but I hope you do well!!

  9. My team is linked. Thinking of removing Tevez. Whom should I buy Berbatov, Lambert or Fletcher?

    As for Tevez don’t know whether he will start all the games as Mancini’s favourite Aguero is back and I don’t want to remove RVP as he will be scoring or assisting goals in most of the games.

    What do you people think about Hazard and Michu?

    • Lambert, cheap and he’s Southampton’s main man if anyone scores it’s usually Lambert.

    • TBH, Michu still has a chance to continue the form from the first GW’s until man city fixture in GW9.
      If i am not mistaken, he did score mid-week.
      As for Hazard, i can see him still keeping up with his early form also. I just cant see that early blitz was a fluke. For me, GW8 will be the last straw.

  10. Why are people making Baines their (c) it’s a risk do you think he with def score, I think Southampton will score, they put 4 past Villa, fair enough it was Villa put all the goals were in the second half! Personally I’m going to captain Cazorla, at home and he looks awesome

    • Jammy making Baines (c) this week is a risk, however Baines and Everton are in great form and Arsenal flew 6 past Southampton just the other day. I have Pienaar as (c) at the moment but my gut feeling is telling me Baines, I think I will confirm on dead line day as too should get the arm band.

  11. Here is my team
    Jaaskalenin, Foster
    Demel, Mcauley, Cuellar, Taylor, Hughes
    Michu, Nolan, Hazard, Ben harfa, Guthrie.
    Fletcher, van persie, tevez

    I am thinking of drafting out cuellar for Baines. I will have 0.6m left
    Should i take a hit bringing fellaini or pienar in?
    Also who should be my GK?

    Thanks for the help

  12. Hi Guys

    Just wondering your thought on when/if to get Rooney back in team? Think he’ll be decent for the price once he’s back, especially as he’s dropped 0.3 since the start? Or think he’ll keep playing second-fiddle to RvP and be rotated?

    I think having RvP, provided he plays in the hole, might give him the space he needs to rack up goals and assists aplenty – what you think?

  13. Hi all… just want to mark my first post by saying a Big Hello!

    Just bought and captained swapped Pog & Tevez for Ba & Fletcher… and captained Fletcher for this weekend! Cant lose right?

    PS… Sean… team looks nice, Id leave the defence for now and swap Michu for Pienar… don’t lose 4 points!