May 162012

Sunday May 13th 2012 will live long in the memory of football fans as we witnessed the greatest ever finish to the Premier League. However, May 13th also saw the FPL come to an end for this season and many fantasy managers are now wondering what to do with themselves over the summer months! But fear not, this summer sees the cream of European footballers head to Poland and Ukraine to compete in Euro 2012 and thanks to Ronald and his friends at McDonalds we have a fantasy football competition to while away our hours. Here at FFC we will be running a fantasy football league as we do in the FPL.

How Do I Enter A Team?

Signing up for the league couldn’t be easier.  All you need to do is follow this simple two step process:

  1. Log on to and register your team.
  2. To enter the FFC league you will need to enter the following code 22874-4878. Please ensure you type in the code rather than copying and pasting.

Will You Provide Advice on Euro 2012?

We have taken the decision not to run our regular package of advice articles during the Euro’s.  We have done this as we will be working hard behind the scenes on improving the site ahead of next season’s FPL competition.

But I Need Some Help?

Don’t worry your not alone!  There are loads of fantasy managers out there that don’t know their Franck Ribéry from their Vasili Berezutski.  But there’s no need to panic, as we are helping each other out on the message boards below this article, and we have to say we are having a great laugh at the same time.

If you want to get involved in the Euro 2012 banter, why not enter a team and join us for some fantasy football chat on the message boards below this article. It’s all just a bit of fun, and you’re more than welcome to join in.  At the very least, you’ll make a few fantasy football buddies before the serious business of next season’s FPL starts.

Good luck, and have fun!

  10,504 Responses to “Euro 2012 Fantasy Football Competition”

  1. Apparently Ray Wilkins has held talks with WBA over their vacant managerial position. I hope to god he gets it so as I dont have to listen to him on Sky!!

  2. Later cookie, say hi to Rachel and Nicole for me xxx

  3. Just back in after another appointment and bloody Chanderpaul’s still in!! Whats the craic Kop

  4. Word coming thru on the jungle drums that martinez has been offered the liverpool job

  5. Finally sketched out my Euro squad. Would love a different perspective…

    Lloris Given
    Cole Zhirkov Abate Papadopoulos Jodloweic
    Sneijder Ozil Iniesta Srna Andrews
    Benzema Llorente Jalavic

    …I wonder if I should go with Huntelaar and Diarra instead of Benzema and Srna??

    • Hi Otter !
      Your team looks good ! I’d prefer Benzema and Srna over Huntelaar and Diarra myself.
      It seems Huntelaar and RvP could be competing for the front spot in the dutch team.
      I would probably bring in a cheaper def for Cole and upgrade Andrews to a more attacking mid.

    • Good midfield mate, whose the subs, Im stuck with RVP or huntelaar so I’ve gone with robben!

      • Thanks for the advice. I’m going to try to sub according to GW. I was keen on Robben too, but after his disappointing CL final and the fact that he’s listed as a forward, I think there are better options for the money. Curious, any advice on swapping Andrews?

        • Sorry, seems Fionn suggested swapping Cole and Andrews..

        • Depends on how much spare cash you have Otter. Shirokov for russia is a decent option at 6m (i think) he got an assist in the friendly tonight and he can score. other options, maybe Larsson / Kallstrom for sweden.
          Of course you could leave Andrews in and see what happens, you might get lucky !

          • Cheers. Would like to replace him, but seems one needs about £6 to break into a nailed on attacking mid.

        • Robbens got a point to prove and the dutch manager loves him, rvp and huntelaar will rotate beaause the dutch only play one up front with 3 behind who are kuyt sneider and robben

    • good side otter join my mini league 24438-19145

    • Whats your plan for cpt choices Otter ?

      • I’m going to start with a player that plays on the 8th. So at the moment I’ll probably go with Zhirkov, for no other reason than to shut my incessant assistant manager up.

        • I know otter, the assistant manager can be a real pain! Gonna try Lewandowski to start with as cpt.

          • My first draft had Lewy in, I had him set as cpt too. Would you believe my little asst still pushed for Zhirkov?!

        • Morning Guys !
          Just sticking my head in before I start work. Quick question on cpt choice Otter, If you pick Zhirikov and he gets a clean sheet and ends up on 12 pts what are you going to do with the armband ? ;-)

          • Hey fionn how tricks, great day up her in Fermanagh, daughter got me up at 7! The tinker, been cutting grass and gardening, I’m very handy like that. Plenty of friendlies later to get an idea of managers picks

          • Fionn, that’s a good one. If Zhirkov has a clean sheet, then I’m going to assume that he’ll be picking up at least 1 recovered ball point as well. In my book that’s 14pts -he’s keeping the armband. And I’m buying pints for my asst mngr.

  6. Evening guys !
    Anyone know the result of the Russia game ?
    Indecently anyone know of any decent sites with up to date scores \ assists \ teams ?
    Croatia winning 3-1 at the moment by the way.

  7. 2 nil barca.messi

  8. Kerzhakov goal with Shirokov assist for russia.

  9. great to see super jack butland going to the euros bloody good keeper had a cracking 6 months on loan with cheltenham feel for ruddy tho

  10. His ring finger.

  11. Hi guys, where do you find reports of these friendlies online, struggling to find them myself

  12. Night Wilsa !

  13. Check out my 21.19 comment with the link, fionns link is pants compared to mine and no I am not upset! Love you fionn!

  14. Will Lescott start for England ?

    • Good question Pauly, I don’t know if Roy knows that yet ! I’m probably going to stay away from England for the first game, after that the lineups should become more apparent.

  15. i see yee have put links up to some really good sites tonight thanks lads, the only thing is every time i check a site out i want to change my team, at this rate i’ll have made hundreds of changes before the start of the comp